“If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use,
if diet is correct, medicine is of no need”
Ancient Ayurvedic proverb.

 During a consultation, we aim to put your current imbalances in an Ayurvedic context, in a relaxing and supportive environment. We look at your health history, discuss your current physical and mental state of health, potential concerns and symptoms. Your consultant follows the Ayurvedic steps of examination, including pulse and tongue diagnosis, reviews your current diet, lifestyle and energy levels. 

Once we have identified the factors causing the imbalance we introduce a tailored treatment. Personalised and sustainable diet and lifestyle changes are often sufficient to find balance once you understand the implications of food choice and daily habits on your current condition. We will probably also introduce herbs to balance your digestion at the initial consultation. Body therapies will be discussed as part of the treatment if necessary.

A follow-up consultation takes place usually 3-4 weeks later to assess the changes, improvement, challenges you have encountered and adjust treatment if necessary. We recommend to commit to at least 6 weeks treatment for lasting benefits. A herbal treatment usually takes between 2 months and 2 years of commitment. It is longer than allopathic medicine to act but side-effects are rare, treatment results are long lasting and your body functions become harmonised. The time it takes to correct imbalances allows a holistic healing process.

Consultation Fees

Initial consultation (1h30) £60, in person.

Follow-up (30mn) £25 in person or via Skype/Whatsapp
Follow-up (1h) £40 in person or via Skype/Whatsapp

If herbal preparations are prescribed, they will be in supplement of these fees:
Herbal powders/tablets: £15 for 1 month supply
Rasayana Jams and Tonic: £10 for a month supply
Dermaved cream for skin disorders: £32

Most of the herbal remedies are ethically sourced, traditionally wild harvested and naturally grown by local farmers in Europe, USA, India and Sri Lanka. Most grown herbs are certified organic.

If you can not make your appointment we have a 24h cancellation policy. If you cancel after this time, a cancellation fee of £20 will be due.


My daughter has suffered from eczema all over her face and body since she was 3 months old. She is now 5 and uses steroid creams, antihistamines and greasy emollients on a regular basis to manage her eczema.
I initially used Dermaved on her face as it was so dry, itchy and rough. I was astonished how smooth and moisturised her face felt in the morning after only one application.
I have since used it all over her body and there has been an overwhelming improvement in the condition of her skin to the extent that she hardly itches after her bath/swimming lessons and barely in the evenings.
I have not used any of her steroid ointments and emollients for weeks now! Long may it continue!

Lai W
I have been suffering with severe forearm pain for over 18 months.
During that time I had seen several consultants who concluded it was severe tendonitis and recommended rest, ice packs and prescribed Ibuprofen to control the pain.
The pain refused to go away until Marie gave me a gentle massage of the arm using oils which gave me almost instant relief. A further full body massage followed with more emphasis on the troubled arm and the pain disappeared.
I am delighted to say I am still pain free in the arm and I have resumed playing golf three/four times a week.
Angelo C

This is amazing, thanks so much!  I’ve been thinking about what you said and reading through these documents and so much of it just makes sense – when I think about how I feel after eating some of the things that you say no to…  I’m excited to make some positive changes to my life

Caragh S
I was preparing for a marathon and wanted to relax and release the stress caused by work and family life. It was just perfect. The therapist, Marie, was friendly and extremely good. I was certainly taken away from this world for an hour and felt refreshed and energetic afterwards and for the marathon. I would certainly recommend this form of massage.
Phil S